Ardnamurchan Local Walks

Ben Hiant

1. Mingary Pier

DESCRIPTION: A leisurely stroll along rocky shoreline to the main village and back via the road. Mainly rocky and wet with odd boggy sections. Salt marsh over some 150m before the main road. Possibility of seeing seals and otter if you walk very slowly, quietly and avoid being seen.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: The ferry car park. Grid ref: NM 494 627

ROUTE: Walk down towards the ferry waiting room, and access foreshore through small gate on right. Make you way along the coast and either return to the start or emerge onto the B8007 near the church (NM 485 638)


TIME: 1 to 2 hours

2. Mingary Castle & raised beach

DESCRIPTION: An easy walk on track to view the castle and rocky beach.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Park off the B8007 near the entrance to Ardnamurchan Estate main buildings. Grid ref: NM 520 634.
ROUTE: Follow the drive and continue on the track towards the coast. Only external viewing of the castle is possible. Building work is being carried out at the time of publication.


TIME: 1 to 2 hours

3. Sonachan Woodland Walk

8km north west Kilchoan

Warning: When going to print, although well sign posted at start and finish, the path was not decipherable and described as hazardous.

DESCRIPTION: Variable, from good track to boggy and difficult. The wooded area is well known for its rodent population – you will see the newly gnawed hazelnut shells. Roebuck are present also. About half the area is open. Bracken on the drier ground, bog, heather and old peat cuttings on the lower area. Grouse can be seen here on occasions. Parts are now badly overgrown

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Just beyond the Sonachan Hotel. Grid ref: NM 448 668. Well signed, on left hand side. Park where appropriate.
ROUTE: There is a circular signposted path which leads up to a viewpoint.

TIME:1 to 2 hours

4. Glendrian deserted village

On the Sanna road 4 km north of Kilchoan

DESCRIPTION: A fairly easy walk along a farm track to a deserted village and farmhouse. A burn near the old village is about 6" deep with stepping stones. A good view of the 55 million year old Ring Dyke can be had from just beyond the kissing gate near the start.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: At the old quarry. Grid ref: NM 469 678
ROUTE: Follow the obvious path above the car park to Glendrian ruin. The path could be followed further to Port Eigen-aig on the north coast or to Fascadale  but is very boggy in places (map essential).

TIME:1 to 2 hours

5. Ormsaigbeg road walk

DESCRIPTION: Easy short walk along the coast, west of Kilchoan.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START:Park off road near Ferry stores. Grid ref: NM 478 636

ROUTE: Follow the road west and descend a grassy slope to a shingle beach. Return along the fairly rocky coastline.


TIME: 30mins to 1 hour

6. Achateny Beach

North coast, north of Kilchoan

DESCRIPTION: A very short and easy walk to a beach west of Kilmory

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Park off the road to Fascadale about 500m west of Achateny opposite a stile. Grid ref: NM 515 700
ROUTE: Climb the stile and follow the path over boggy ground to the sandy beach at Port Ban.

TIME: 30 mins

7. Kilmory Beach

North coast, north of Kilchoan

DESCRIPTION: A short easy walk to the beach below Kilmory where there is a mixture of sand and rocky outcrops. Good beach for bird watching.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Park off the road 200m past the old Kilmory Post Office. Grid ref: NM 529 702
ROUTE: Take the obvious and easy track down to the beach.


TIME: 30 mins

8. Sanna Bay to Achosnich School or Portuairk

DESCRIPTION:Mainly paths, fine coastal views.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Sanna car park,  Grid ref: NM 448 693

ROUTE: Follow the unsurfaced road south until diverted round a large flat-roofed building, and then on a good path leading up the hill. At the top a new path turns off left to the old Achosnich school house. Return the same way or follow the rough road to join the B8007  ½ km west of the Sonachan Hotel. For Portuairk keep right at the top of the path and follow paths across to Portuairk.


TIME: 1 to 2 hours

9. Glasbhein

1km north Kilchoan on the Sanna road

DESCRIPTION: An ascent of the hill north of Kilchoan over open rough ground with some boggy and rocky sections.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Park at the entrance to the road to the Kilchoan Waterworks, Grid ref: NM 477 648

ROUTE: Follow the track then ascend the hill to the east finding your way over the rough ground.

TIME: 1 to 2 hours

10. Camas nan Geall and Bourblaige deserted village

South east of Ben Hiant

DESCRIPTION: Unmarked route. Rough going in places, boggy patches and steep slopes. A very good foreshore walk and interesting ruins

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: Park at viewing point, Grid ref: NM 563 616.

ROUTE: Descend to the bay, pass a chambered cairn and old burial ground and then follow the shore west, passing some very contorted rocks. Easy walking along shingle beaches, but you will need a map to find the way up to Bourblaige.


TIME: 1/2 day walk.

11. Ben Hiant Loch Mudle to the peak

DESCRIPTION: Moderate hill walking with rough and boggy patches. Spectacular views. Take a small scale map to help you identify distant islands, peaks and lochs. Keep a lookout for shed red deer antlers.

MAP: NM OS Explorer 390
START: Park on the east of the road at the gate to the wind turbine, Grid ref: NM 545 653 - but keep the gateway clear.
ROUTE: Cross the road and pick up a well worn track that follows up the NE ridge to the summit.


TIME: 1/2 day walk.

12. Portuairk to Bay MacNeil

Near Ardnamurchan Lighthouse

DESCRIPTION: Easy path to the Bay, rougher and wet on descent to Portuairk. A coastal  walk with fine views.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: The small parking area just past Grigadale, Grid ref: NM 426 672
ROUTE: A path leads to the caravan park and the coast.  Explore the sandy Bay MacNeil and Eilean Carrach (be aware of the tide), then follow the track from the caravans north and east to cross the headland  and descend to Portuairk. A diversion may be made from the top of the path to the deserted coastguard station for a fine view. Return to the car by the road.


TIME: short day walk

13. Beinn na Seilg & Stacan Dubha

1 km north west coast of Kilchoan

DESCRIPTION: Rough going with some boggy patches and steep sections. There are superb views of Mull’s north coast and the Small Isles.

MAP: OS Explorer 390 essential

START: Park near the Kilchoan Fire Station, Grid ref: NM 474 648 but do not block access.
ROUTE: Go up either the ridge or the valley to Lochan Glean Lochan and then up the east ridge of


TIME: short day walk

14a. Ockle to Gortenfern, north coast

DESCRIPTION: A coastal and hill walk along the north coast of Ardnamurchan to visit the sandy beach at Gortenfern. Mix of good track and rough path with some bog.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: Park in small car park at Ockle. Grid ref: NM 556 704
ROUTE: Follow the good track east of Ockle with spectacular coastal views to the point where it descends to the house at Eilagadale. Continue on the rough path ahead. This ascends the glen to the south for a short distance before crossing a small burn and ascending to continue east. After crossing a boggy section, the highest point of the path is reached. Descend to join a good track and continue east. Soon after entering the forestry at Gortenfern, take the left turn to the beautiful beach of Camas an Lighe (see Warning in Route 20). Return by the same route.


TIME: Full day walk

14b. Ockle to Arivegaig, north coast

MAP: OS Explorer 390
ROUTE: As 20a. After leaving the beach at Gortenfern continue east on the forestry track to reach the car park at Arivegaig. It will be necessary to be met by a vehicle at Arivegaig.

DISTANCE: 12.5km  TOTAL ASCENT: 490m  

TIME: A day walk

15. Glenborrodale RSPB Reserve

DESCRIPTION: Short walk on a path winding through woodland and heath. Boggy in places.

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: Park in car park 400m west of Glenborrodale Castle, Grid ref: NM 601 609
ROUTE:Take the path that ascends through the woodland west of the car park. Follow it until it reaches the road and return along the road.


TIME: One hour

16. Dun Ghallain

1km east of Laga Bay

DESCRIPTION: A short circular walk through woodland on a good path. Muddy in places.

MAP: OS Explorer 390
START: There is a signed car park beside the road, Grid ref: 650 607

ROUTE: Cross the forest fence at the nearby stile and follow the path down to the shore of Loch Sunart and back


TIME: One hour

17. Salen Oakwoods

DESCRIPTION: Two short easy walks on good paths through woodland.

MAP: OS Explorer 390 
START: The car park 100m east of Salen junction. Grid ref: NM 692 643.
ROUTE 17a: This circular walk is south of the road. The narrow signposted path winds through beautiful oak woods above the shore of Loch Sunart.

TIME: 30 mins to one hour.

ROUTE 17b: A good signposted  path circles a lochan north of the road.


TIME: 30mins to 1 hour

This walk can be extended to visit the Wood School.

18. Sailean nan Cuileag 1km east of Salen

DESCRIPTION: A short easy circular walk on a good path to visit the muddy bay.

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: A signed car park south of the A861, Grid ref: NM 702 644

ROUTE: Follow the path down to the shore.


TIME: 30mins to 1 hour

19. The "Old Road" Kinlochmoidart

DESCRIPTION: A good woodland walk with views over Loch Moidart.

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: Park beside the A861 near Kinacarra, Grid ref: NM 695 728.

ROUTE:  Follow the road west along the loch side to find the path ascending the wooded hillside on the right. Follow it until it emerges onto the road near Kylesbeg. Return by the same route or by the road.


TIME: 1-3 hours

20. Walk to the Singing Sands (Camas an Lighe) 3km west of Acharacle

DESCRIPTION: A  fairly level walk along a forestry track to a large, remote, sandy beach. Suitable for bikes.

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: At end of Arivegaig road, Grid ref: NM 650 677

ROUTE: Follow the good track 3 miles to the beach


TIME: short day walk

Warning: Please note the Singing Sands area was former MOD property and items containing explosive occasionally may be found in the forest/dunes or washed up on the beach.  Anyone finding items they consider to be suspicious is not to disturb them but should immediately contact the police on 01967 402022 or 101

21. Glen Moidart

DESCRIPTION: Easy walking on hydro road to the dam, elsewhere rough and boggy

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: Park at the end of the public road up Glen Moidart, Grid ref: NM 740 723

ROUTE: There is a good track that passes to the south of Loch nan Lochan. It leads to the hydro scheme at Loch Forslan (suitable for a mountain biker). A path branches left off this and crosses the river at NM 755 734 and leads to the stalkers track up Glen Moidart  which can be very boggy – follow as far as you wish (map essential).


TIME: ½ day to  Lochan Forslan

22. Smirisary Near Glenuig

DESCRIPTION: Rough tracks and paths

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: Pass the Glenuig Inn and follow the road to a parking place at its end. Grid ref: NM 653 773

ROUTE: Near the end of the road a rough track leads to the old crofting community of Smirisary (now sympathetically restored).  A narrow track leads to an unspoilt  sandy beach about 2km south of the village.

DISTANCE: 2.5km TOTAL ASCENT: 106m  (to village) 

TIME: ½ day walk including exploration

23. Loch na Bairness from Smirisary

DESCRIPTION: A gentle ascent along a path to a beautiful hill Lochan.


START: The car park at the end of the road at Smirisary, west of Glenuig, Grid Ref: NM 653 773

ROUTE: Walk back along the road to find a short track to the right . Climb the stile and follow the narrow path to the left. The path is overgrown in places but is easy to follow and leads directly up to the lochan.

DISTANCE: 3km   TOTAL ASCENT: 120m     

TIME: 1 to 2 hours

24. Samalaman Beach to Smirisary

DESCRIPTION: A coastal walk on narrow rough paths with boggy patches. There is one short stretch of easy rock scrambling around a promontory.


START: The car park at Samalaman beach 1km west of Glenuig, Grid Ref: 663 776

ROUTE: Walk west along the road to find a narrow path on the right just beyond the beach. Follow it around the coast. Just after passing a cottage carry straight on over a stile surrounded by boggy ground. Continue to follow the coast until you reach the houses at Smirisary. Take either of the two paths that pass over the hill to the east to gain the end of the public road. Return to Samalaman via the road.


TIME: 2 to 4 hours 

25. Ardmolich Woodland Walk and Silver Walk Loch Moidart


a) A good path through forestry to a viewpoint above the south shore of Loch Moidart.

b)A good path to the west passing through part of the deserted settlement of Port a’  Bhata and ending at Castle Tioram. See Walk 26

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: The small car park beside the A861 between Langal & Kinlochmoidart, Grid ref: NM 715 715.

25a ROUTE: Follow the path from the car park. There are some steep sections in the first part of the walk. When the path forks, keep left and continue to the viewpoint. Return by the same route.


TIME: 2 to 3 hours.

25b ROUTE: Start as 25a.  When the path forks, keep right to gain the loch shore. Follow the path west to Castle Tioram. This is a through walk and you will need to have transport from Doirlinn.


TIME: Full day walk to Castle Tioram

26. Blain to Castle Tioram 2km north Acharacle

DESCRIPTION: A circular walk including spectacular views out to sea and a  XIII century Castle. A mixture of tracks, rough paths and road.

MAP: OS Explorer 390 essential for route finding

START: Park on a bend near Blain farm, Grid ref: NM 676 694.  The same circuits can also be done from the parking at Doirlinn (Grid ref: NM 665 720) near Castle Tioram

ROUTE: From Blain follow the good track which leads to the Cellphone mast, until, having crossed the burn, a path leads off north to Loch Blain and Loch na Fola. From here one route (A) skirts Loch na Fola and  turns north to join the Silver Walk which leads west along the shore to Castle Tioram – care needed in places. For a shorter alternative (B) continue northwest to pass an unnamed lochan and old hydro dam and descend from the Bealach Sgairt Dea-uisge to the road. For both routes return to Blain by the estate road along the shore and then the minor road.

DISTANCE: 9.5km (A), 6km (B) TOTAL ASCENT: 455m (A), 315m (B)

TIME: Day walk

27. Acharacle to Laga or Glenborrodale

DESCRIPTION:  A hill walk rising to 300m. Be prepared for  muddy parts for much of the year.

MAP: OS Explorer 390 strongly recommended

START: Acharacle School, Grid ref: NM 677 682. Drive to Laga or Glenborrodale early in the morning. Park your car and catch the daily bus to Acharacle (check the timetable) so that transport will be waiting at the end of your walk.

ROUTE: Follow the good, but very wet path from the school car park until it meets the track from Arivegaig. Turn left and follow a good track past the waterworks to Loch Laga. The main track leads on to Glenborrodale (A) and a rather indistinct path turns off south at NM 636 633 leading to Laga Bay (B)

DISTANCE: 12.5km (A), 9km (B) TOTAL ASCENT: 414m (A), 390m (B)  

TIME: Day walk

28. Beinn Resipol (845m)

From Resipole Farm Holiday Park

DESCRIPTION: A mountain climb which can be boggy in parts. This is a high mountain route mainly on  trackless terrain.

MAP: OS Explorer  390 essentail

START: Reception Resipole Farm Holiday Park, Grid ref: NM 724 639

ROUTE:  Follow the path from the camp site reception to open country, until it disappears. Aim up the main burn  taking the easiest line up the valley to the top.


TIME: Full day walk

29. Two Walks from Kinlochmoidart 

29a. The Environs of Kinlochmoidart House.


DESCRIPTION: An easy walk mainly on good paths.

START: The Car Park at the Episcopalian Church, Kinlochmoidart, Grid Ref: NM 709 727

ROUTE: Take "The Prince’s Walk" signposted from the car park. (This refers to Bonnie Prince Charlie who is believed to have spent hours walking there in deep thought prior to going to Glenfinnan to raise his standard in 1745).  At the time of publication this walk is due to be re-signposted so it will be possible to follow the way markers around the grounds of the house.  Meantime, after passing through the gate into the grounds, keep to the base of the hill and then make your way across to the right of the walled garden. Pass in front of a cottage clad in wooden shingles and circle two small ponds in a clockwise direction. Cross a ditch to follow a deer fence to the top of a small hill and descend diagonally to the right to gain the east driveway to the house. Walk towards the house and turn left onto "The Mackenzie Walk".

Turn right onto the road and then left onto a path to the river. Follow the river bank to the Old Bridge and walk back to the car park along the A861.

DISTANCE: 3km     TOTAL ASCENT: 37m     

TIME: 1 to 2 hours.

29b.Loch nam Paitean


DESCRIPTION: A steep walk up a rough path to a large and beautiful hill  lochan.

START: As for 29a, or park outside the Fish Farm at Brunery east of Kinlochmoidart. Grid Ref: NM 724 718

ROUTE: As for 29a to the ponds then take the sign-posted path. Keep left on this path to gain the rough, steep, zig-zag path that climbs the hill to the lochan.

From the fish farm, cross the road and follow a track through a field and through the left-hand  gate. The track passes through a very boggy area where cattle often stand. After a short distance, it is joined from the left by the path coming from Kinlochmoidart House.  Continue straight on up the hillside on the zig-zag path. Return by the same route.

DISTANCE: 5.5km   TOTAL ASCENT: 400m    

TIME: Half Day

30. Brunery to Dalilea

DESCRIPTION: An easy walk along an old track across the hillside from the river bridge at Brunery to Dalilea pier at Loch Shiel. Very muddy in places.


START: The car Park just before the river bridge at  Brunery, Grid Ref: NM 727 718

ROUTE: Cross the bridge and follow the road as it bends left. Take a track to the right  that leads to two gates. Go through the gate on the left and follow the track up hill. Turn right where a track joins from the left and continue over the hill to Dalilea farm. Turn left on the road to visit the jetty. Return by the same route.


TIME: Half Day

31. Two Lochailort Walks

31a. DESCRIPTION:  A circular walk along a mixture of narrow rough path, boggy all-terrain vehicle tracks and road.

START: There is a place to park down the track to the northeast of Inverailort Castle opposite a row of cottages, Grid Ref: 765 815

ROUTE: Take the track that passes in front of the cottages through the fields with the Fish Farm buildings on your left.  Go straight on after leaving the fields to find a rough path that ascends the narrow glen (Sniper’s Glen). At the head of the glen turn left onto a broad track to descend to the Roti Burn. Follow the track to pass Glenshian Lodge and continue along the road back to the car.


TIME: 2  to 3 hours

31b. DESCRIPTION: An ascent of a highland glen following all-terrain vehicle tracks.

ROUTE: Start as for walk a) but turn right onto the track at the head of "Snipers Glen"  Follow the tracks to the right at a fork to ascend the glen with the burn (Allt a’ Bhuirigh) on your left as far as you wish. Return by the same route.

DISTANCE: 8km to head of glen  

TOTAL ASCENT: 400m    

TIME: Short day walk to head of glen.

32. Strontian village woods

DESCRIPTION: Short easy stroll on a path.

MAP: OS Explorer 391

START: There is a car park in the village, Grid ref: NM 816 616

ROUTE: Walk west along the A861 across the bridge over the river. The walk ascends the bank to the north of the road.


TIME: 30mins  to 1 hour

33. Garbh Eilean Wildlife Hide

 2 miles east of Resipole Holiday Park

DESCRIPTION: Easy going on paths to a wildlife hide for viewing otters, seals and herons

MAP: OS Explorer 390

START: There is a signed car park Grid ref: NM 748 618, plus a Disabled Badge Holder’s car park 500 metres further West.

ROUTE:Follow the obvious paths to the hide.


TIME: One hour

34. Ariundle Oakwood

2km north of Strontian

DESCRIPTION:  Beautiful and easy woodland and riverside walk.

MAP: OS Explorer 391

START: Park at the Ariundle Woodland car park 500m along the small road/forestry track east of the road to Polloch, Grid Ref: NM 826 633

ROUTE: This is a well signposted stroll along a forestry track and good paths. The walk descends to and crosses the river. Follow the path east along the river bank and recross to ascend through the woods to gain the main forestry track to return to the car park. 


TIME: 1 to 2 hours.

35a. Ardnastang to Scotstown, Strontian.

DESCRIPTION: An easy walk along a track to the west of Strontian.

MAP: OS Explorer 391

START: Park near the Ben View Hotel, off the A861, a mile west of Strontian, Grid Ref: NM 800 616

Parking can be difficult.

ROUTE: Walk northeast along the road that passes the hotel to gain the track that passes across open moorland above Anaheilt. At a branch in the track, keep right to emerge on the Polloch road above Scotstown. Return by the same route. (It is of course possible to descend along the road to Strontian)


TIME: 2 hours

35b. Ardnastang to the Corrantee Lead Mines.

DESCRIPTION: A walk over the hill on a rough and eroded track to visit the old mine workings. 

MAP: OS Explorer 391

ROUTE: As 35a. When the track branches take the left branch that ascends to the northwest and follow it as far as the lead mines. Return by the same route.


TIME: Short day walk

36. Corrantee Lead Mines from Polloch

DESCRIPTION: A walk uphill to old mine workings on a rough path. Very wet in places.

MAP: OS Explorer 390/391

START: Park in an area beside the Polloch road at the west end of Loch Doilet (or Doilean), Grid Ref: NM 795 679.

ROUTE: Follow the path that ascends near the edge of the forestry plantation south of the road.


TIME: 2 to 3 hours.

37. Polloch to Glenfinnan along the shore of Loch Shiel

DESCRIPTION: Easy walking on good forestry track.

MAP: OS Explorer 390/391

START: Park at the car park at the end of the public road in Polloch, Grid Ref: NM 790688

ROUTE: Walk along the road to the west of the car park. This soon becomes a very good forestry track that follows the Loch shore all the way to Glenfinnan. The distance given is for the through walk to Glenfinnan where it will be necessary to be met to be transported back to Polloch. It is of course possible to stop at any point and return by the same route.


TIME: Full day

38. Inniemore deserted township

DESCRIPTION: A good path with some steep slopes to view the deserted township of Inniemore. Good Information Display.

MAP: OS Explorer 383

START: There is a signed car park between Loch Arienas and Loch Teacuis, Grid ref: NM 668 517

ROUTE: Follow the paths from the car park to find and explore the ruined settlement.


TIME: 2 hours

39. Ardtornish Castle

3 km north of Lochaline

DESCRIPTION: A walk along the loch side to a ruined castle with views along the Sound of Mull. A good estate road all the way

MAP: OS Explorer 383 Grid ref: NM 703 484

START: Visitors are requested  to seek guidance about parking  from the Ardtornish Estate Office near the Ardtornish Gardens.

ROUTE: Follow the Estate road along the loch side to the castle on Ardtornish Point. It is possible to continue on the footpath round Ardtornish and Inninmore Bays


TIME: Variable.

40. Loch Aline coastal path, Lochaline

DESCRIPTION: A good and fairly level path in woodland along the shore of Loch Aline, muddy in places.

MAP: OS Explorer 383

START: Lochaline

ROUTE: Follow the lochside past the new marina and continue to follow the path to the head of the loch, return the same way.


TIME: 2-3 hours

41. Rahoy Hills Wildlife Reserve

7km north Lochaline

DESCRIPTION: The easiest access to the reserve is from Acharn, where cars may be parked at the start of the track up the Black Glen. Before entering the higher areas of the reserve, visitors should contact the Scottish Wildlife Trust Community Officer or Ardtornish Estate staff (Tel: 01967 41288). Guided walks are available during the summer.

MAP: OS Explorer 383

START: Car park on A884 at Acharn, 7km north of Lochaline, Grid ref: NM 702 505

ROUTE: From the old bridge, follow  the well-formed  grass track, grading progressively to rough open hill and woodland, with bridges across the main burns.


TIME: 1-2 hours there and back.

42. Drimnin coastal path to Lochan na Druim Bhuidhe, 16km west Lochaline

DESCRIPTION: A good estate road giving views of Loch Sunart

MAP: OS Explorer 383

START: End of road at Drimnin, Grid ref: NM 560 538 

ROUTE: Follow the estate road as far as you wish. It finishes at Loch na Droma Buidhe which is a popular anchorage for sailing boats. There are the remains of a deserted village at Carraig


TIME: Full day walk, but go as far as you wish

43. Lochan Dhonnachaidh, Laudale

DESCRIPTION: Good estate and forestry roads giving views of Loch Sunart

MAP: OS Explorer 383

START: Just before the end of the public road, the old jetty, at the entrance to the estate before you cross the cattle grid. Grid ref: NM 759 599

ROUTE: Follow the private road, follow signs diverting round Laudale House along the shore and continue along the estate road which rises through the forest to the lochan. The track, an old Right of Way, eventually leads past Loch Teacuis to the Sound of Mull. Return from the lochan by the outward route 


TIME: Full day walk

There is also a  track turning left before the forestry, which leads up Glen Laudale, eventually rising to 521 m at Mam na Ceire. Alternatively there is a branch of the estate road which follows the coast at low level (suitable for  mountain bikes see C4).

44. Ardgour Lochans

DESCRIPTION: An easy walk on roads and level tracks. Suitable for bicycles.

MAP: OS Explorer 391

START: Park near the Inn at Ardgour, Grid ref: NN 016 637

ROUTE: Follow the road northwest from the Inn for 800m. Turn left onto the Estate track and follow it west towards Ardgour House. After passing the second Lochan to the south of the track take a left turning to emerge on the road in Clovullin. Return by the road.


TIME: 1 to 2 hours.

45. The Crofters Woodland, Camasnagaul

DESCRIPTION: A circular route of rough paths which is boggy and steep in places.

MAP: OS Explorer 391

START: The  parking area by the Camusnagaul passenger ferry. Grid ref: 095 751

ROUTE: Park by the small passenger ferry terminal (Camusnagual ferry). Head north along the road towards the start of the walk, and crossing a small stream. The start of the walk is indicated by an interpretation board.  Head uphill returning by coastline walk back to the ferry terminal.

DISTANCE: 2.2km 

TIME: 1 1/2 hours.