The second Ardnamurchan Tourist Association GPS Treasure Hunt

The second, most comprehensive of three. Involves GPS work only.

Glen Drian track entrance via Sidhean Mor to "Treasure" !

OS Map

2007 - Magnetic variation 6º West.

Distance: 2.4km

Time: 01:16:57 round trip.

Av. Moving speed 2.1 kph.


The walk has been chosen to give a good walk with variation and views. It also has the capability of revealing several animal, reptile and bird species plus butterflies, moths, and dragon flies to name a few. Highland flora are also well represented. Good wild landscape photographic potential.

Dogs will love this walk, but please use a lead.

See Hints & Tips page

Way point Information:

ALL Point references are in GPS format:-

A mixed minutes/decimal format which is becoming the standard for GPS equipment. All values are positive; the hemisphere is indicated by 'N' and 'W'. Minutes are attached to the degrees of the coordinates, while seconds are expressed in decimal format with the minutes.

A GPX file of the waypoints is available for download here

A GPX file of the Route is available for download here

These files can be imported into your GPS program on your PC, and then loaded onto your GPS, please consult your user manual.

Click here to show google maps with the waypoints marked.


One river crossing then up a fairly easy incline, over the top and from then it's a breeze.


Park where possible by the Sanna road. Approx Grid ref' :- 469678. Then follow the GPS points.


Point 10.

N 056º 43.905'
W 006º 08.420'

Point 11.

N 056º 43.889'
W 006º 08.420'

Point 12.

N 056º 43.875'
W 006º 08.438'

You could see an adder near here and/or dragon and damsel flies,

River Crossing

Point 13.

N 056º 43.840'
W 006º 08.391'

Point 14.

N 056º 43.852'
W 006º 08.502'

Rock jumble, buzzards like this spot

Point 15.

N 056º 43.730'
W 006º 08.439'

Point 16.

N 056º 43.698'
W 006º 08.397'

Fault line near the summit. Stop and survey the level ground ahead with binoculars, if you are lucky a fox could be around. Raven near the high rocks of Beinnna h-imeilte.

Point 17.

N 056º 43.678'
W 006º 08.373'

Point 18.

N 056º 43.656'
W 006º 08.307'

Look for bog Orchids in the wet ground.

Point 19.

N 056º 43.683'
W 006º 08.072'

Big rock

The next step's stash is hidden near by, find it and follow them!