GPS Walks


Failte (Welcome) to the Ardnamurchan Tourist Association GPS Treasure Hunt walks.

Where is Ardnamurchan:

Ardnamurchan is the furthest point West on the British mainland. Head for Scotland. Fort William will be your beacon. This year the Treasure will be near Kilchoan, only a few miles from that furthest point west. The area is rich in wildlife. Here you can spot Cetaceans, Otters, Seals, Red Deer, reptiles and a host of various birds. The fishing is a delight. Human history abounds. Natural building, the best example of a Volcano in Western Europe - even Stephenson's famous Light House cannot compete!

A Brief Introduction to GPS treasure hunting:

Treasure Island was probably our first introduction to the concept of treasure and so the game of treasure hunt was developed. In our Treasure Hunt the treasure can be gold foil covered chocolate coins, various gifts such as dinky toys, Easter eggs or all manner of trinkets. Traditionally the way of finding the treasure was by random searching within, say, the garden or by following a map and instructions to a marked location or map, paper trail and sets of directions combined with clues and riddles that have to be deciphered before you can locate a localised search arena, to make the final discovery. Now we add hi - tech assistance to help us navigate towards the booty, the GPS receiver.


There are more than 8 trillion GPS receivers operating.

What next:

See the hunt details for location (in the volcano) and map grid reference for the car park / starting place. You will be given points which can be located with the help of your GPS receiver. In some instances the last point given will be the place where you must look for details of more points which you will have to enter into your receiver unit to be able to continue. Rather like following a paper trail. To make it even more interesting, the course can involve using the map and traditional navigational skills also.

There are other rewards also. Getting to know new places, people and the great outdoors with all that has to offer; besides getting fit and building more intellectual skills.

It is easy enough to find the GPS point where the "treasure chest" is hidden but you will have to mount a further local manual search to finally pin point it. It may be hidden under stones, (a good place in a windy place like Ardnamurchan), in a culvert or in the hollow of a tree.

Who can participate:-

Individuals, families, club groups etc. Each treasure hunt will be designed to meet various fitness / skill levels. Choose yours.

What will you need:

* To plan ahead!
* Map.
* Compass.
* A GPS receiver,
- with given set-up details and of course a knowledge of how to use it. All you need is a basic model, these can be bought through eBay or some such on line shopping point, at a very reasonable price ( the GPS enthusiasts upgrade to fancy models each year and off-load their current model at bargain prices). It means you can use a multi million satellite system for a few £. The satellites were deployed for military purposes. Say, to guide combat aircraft with their missiles to a given locality. The missile is then guided to a pinpoint target by someone directing it with a laser beam and for many commercial applications. Yes you are using part of this costly hi-tech system for next to nothing .


* Method of getting there. Car, (Spare car keys etc). Cycle, Horse or by foot. The choice is yours.
* Local services details:- B&B's, hotels, shop / fuel point.
* Something to add to the treasure chest - see further suggestion.
* If you go to the Kilchoan Tourist Information Centre they hold the details on disc and you can down load these to your GPS receiver - take your USB plugged cable with you.
* How about taking along a carrier bag to put litter in - now you will be having fun and also doing a really worth while job.

What can the treasure be ?:

Any small trinket or object. We are contributing Scottish Whisky labels. 3 copies. An encapsulated one for the treasure chest, One in an album for exhibition in the Kilchoan Community & Tourist Information Centre (KCC) and One in another album for the records. In this way we can help build up the worlds biggest collections of different Scottish whisky brand labels. A list of those collected and in the treasure chest will be given.

How will the hunt be organised:

The treasure will be stashed in a waterproof "treasure chest" at a given site. Treasure hunters could contribute whisky bottle labels / trinkets and take another from within the collection then take the new acquisition to their own or another treasure chest. (The participators details or their own treasure hunt web address could be witten on the back of the label they leave - optional). The label / trinket taken could end up in NZ, Canada or some other exotic location. Now that is free advertising for Scottish Whisky!

Fair and responsible behaviour:

* Leave the treasure chest where found and do not spoil the fun for others. Keep site info secret.
* Leave next steps info stashes where found.
* Children will be involved - do not leave any nasties in stashes.
* Follow the country code.

All the best and have fun.