Glenuig and the White Sands

This week, I was taken to explore the tranquil area surrounding the tiny village of Glenuig. With winter making a brief return to Ardnamurchan, the sun decided to work its magic on the peninsula that day, and I even ended up getting a little sunburned!              

Rum Eigg.jpg

Made my way to the little village of Glenuig, where I had the privilege of spotting a few seals swimming in the water. Since it was such a clear day, the Isle of Muck, Rum and Eigg were perfectly visible from across the water. 

I took the road that went past the local pub and basically kept going until we reached a small car park on the side of the road. I had to walk from there as the road came to an end. We were heading to a beautiful white sandy beach which is only accessible on foot. The path took us through to a clearing to six beautiful old crofting cottages which once were owned by crofters and now most of them have been restored. The views across the water was stunning, especially on a clear day.  From here, the path became rather boggy, muddy and uneven, however it’s well worth the effort in the end! After about 20 minutes of navigating our way through the numerous bogs we were greeted by a stunning set of small white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.


white beaches 2.jpg

I ended up spending around 2 hours here, just wondering around the beaches and searching for marine life in the rockpools. I found numerous sea anemones, a small fish and a beautiful little orange star fish. A great place for searching for marine life when the tide is out.     



This beach has definitely been the best place I’ve seen so far. I’m glad that little secluded beaches like this one are hidden treasures, especially so that the landscape remains as unspoilt as possible. There really was such a tranquil element to the place and all you could hear was the gentle sound of the waves slowly rolling up the beach. This beach really was a little piece of paradise and was hard to goodbye as it was time to head back.


White beaches.jpg