Week beginning 27th Feb 2017

Arriving into the village of Strontian on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula seemed like the perfect start of my 20 week university placement. The views here are really incredible, especially when the sun shines and reflects off Loch Sunart.     

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Above: Sunset over Loch Sunart, Strontian


Having travelled to various countries on the other side of the world, I’ve been able to see different cultures and try new things. However, I realised that I have barely travelled around my own country. I’ve never been to this area of Scotland before and I’ve also hardly explored much of the Highlands. Over the last couple of days, I have been lucky enough to have been shown some of the areas of the Peninsula along its narrow and winding country roads. Even had a brisk visit to the Isle of Mull to see the colourful streets of Tobermory and took a leisurely stroll along the white sands of Calgary Beach. Haven’t spotted a lot of wildlife yet but I have seen a fair few stags and a couple of Highland cows.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Took advantage of the sunshine and took a stroll in woodland area behind the Strontian Hotel. The sun was beaming down, the birds were singing and no one else was around. I could only hear the gentle trickle of the small nearby streams that ran through the woodland which just added to the tranquillity. Since the sun was still shining I decided on continuing my stroll around Phemie’s walk which is nearby to the centre of Strontian. This also was the perfect opportunity to practice my photography skills as the woodland floor was blanketed in a thick green moss which gave the forest a magical atmosphere. Spent most of my walk gazing up at the trees and admiring the thick green moss that was creeping up the trees. Half way into the walk, I came across a view point which gives picture postcard views over Loch Sunart.



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Above: Walking through the forest at Phemies Walk, Strontian

During my first weekend, I took to exploring the area a bit further. I took the road up to the Ariundle Forest and walked along-side the Strontian River. It’s so incredibly peaceful walking in this area. Its lovely to hear the songs of the birds instead of cars and be able to breathe in the fresh countryside air. Walked about 1 mile up a single track road before coming to the Ariundle centre, a tearoom and craft workshop which has a lovely warm cosy feel to it, especially with the wood burning fire crackling away. I continued up past the centre in the woodland and took the path that runs down towards the Strontian river, which made for a lovely photo opportunity.            

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Above: The Strontian River on a lovely Sunday afternoon