Spring has finally sprung in Ardnamurchan! The slow transformation of the landscape is a welcoming sign that summer is on its way. The crocuses were out in full bloom in Strontian a couple of weeks ago, and produced a spectacular and colourful display.

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With the warmer weather finally making its debut, it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the great walking trails. I recently did one of my favourite walks in Strontian to the Ariundle Woodland. All together I did a round trip of roughly 6 miles. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect which was an added bonus. I walked through the forest admiring the colours of the lichen and mosses that grow in these forests, which is an attraction in its own right.


Instead of taking the path down towards the Strontian river to head back to the car park, I continued straight on and made my way up the track which took you further into the woodland. The track was steadily climbing up to higher ground and eventually, I came across a small wooden bridge that looked a little worse for wear. After a few minutes of being a bit hesitant, I decided to cross this rather fragile looking bridge. The good news is, is that I made it across and the bridge was still standing! It was certainly worth crossing as the views were incredible.

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The path had certainly climbed fairly high up! Was a great opportunity to take some photographs. I sat for a while to admire the view and enjoy the welcomed cool breeze since it was a hot day. I decided to end my walk there and I returned over the terrifying bridge and back into the woodland and headed down the path that ran parallel to the Strontian river. Still no luck spotting otters but I did spot plenty of fresh looking otter prints down by the river bank, so they are around somewhere.

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Slowly made my way back into the village to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Was treated to quite a spectacular sunset over Loch Sunart, which was the perfect ending to the weekend.