Exploring Acharacle – March 2017

There is so much to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, so getting out and exploring is the best way to discover what’s on offer. I recently had the opportunity to explore the area of Acharacle for the day. The first stop, and the highlight of the trip, was visiting Castle Tioram, a castle ruin that’s located on top of a large rocky grass hill surrounded by a long stretch of beach overlooking the sea. The castle is easily cut off from the land when the tide is in however, luckily the tide was out, I was able to walk right up to the castle and have a good look around. The castle is thought to date back to the 13th century and has been the base for many powerful Scottish Clans. Unfortunately, since the castle has fallen into dis-repair, I wasn’t able to get inside but the outside of the castle is still an impressive piece of historical architecture.




After admiring the castle for a while, I took a walk around the beach hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of some crabs but none where to be found. Looking out to sea, you are treated to a panoramic view of the surrounding area, which on a clear day, you can see for miles around. However, the castles would have used those panoramic view more for defensive purposes rather than for pleasure!

 Blog 3b.jpg

After a short walk along the beach, it was time to seek out a place for lunch. Stopped at the charming Acharacle tearoom which is in the village of Acharacle itself. Enjoyed some delicious homemade food and of course, we couldn’t resist the homemade cakes either!. The tearoom itself has a charming character to it with brightly painted walls and colourful bunting inside and out. The food was incredible and it’s clearly a firm favourite for locals and visitors as it was rather busy when we arrived.

 Blog 3c.jpg


After lunch it was time to continue exploring Acharacle. I was taken to a cluster of small tranquil secluded beaches to enjoy the stunning scenery. Each of the tiny beaches were unspoilt and the water was crystal clear. Just sat down for a while and listened to the sound of the waves rolling onto the beach and enjoyed the peacefulness and tranquillity. Kept an eye out for seals but unfortunately wasn’t lucky enough to find any.



Slowly made our way back towards Strontian but made a few stops along the way. Had to laugh when I saw the monster midge rock at the side of the road! The midges are clearly bad up here which I’m sure I’ll experience soon enough. At least the locals have a laugh about it though.




Our final stop was at a lesser-known beach, which is completely hidden away from view. Climbed amongst the rocks and sat down soaking up the sunshine since it was such a warm day. After a few moments of tranquillity, it was time to head back towards Strontian. Finally started to catch a glimpse of some local wildlife, which was great! There was around six or seven very large Stags that had come down into the woods, fairly close to the road. They quickly dispersed after a few minutes of watching them, however, we finally spotted some seals that were sunbathing in the far distance in Loch Sunart, near the wildlife hide. Great end to a lovely day out in Acharacle.