"Experiencing Ardnamurchan” by Kev Burnley.

Part 3 - Plunge Right In

 Pic 14 Sanna Beach.jpg

First timers ask what there is to do and where to go.  The guest books are full of many truly valid suggestions from justifiably enthusiastic returnees and new adventurers alike, only too keen for others share in the magic, and there is a wealth of information on the excellent website.

The truth is - you don't need to "go" anywhere – you’ve already arrived. 

Pic 6 From above Portuairk looking to Sanna.jpg

Discover Ardnamurchans treasures for yourself and call them your own.  Drive down that road.  Walk along that path, through that woodland.  Swim at that beach. Go rock pooling at that bay.  Stop at that small shop and chat a while, before you buy a little picnic to be eaten later at the inevitable viewpoint you'll come across just as the sun is casting longer shadows and decorating the sky.  These treasures can be your own, because there are no crowds.   Don't set an itinerary, just let it happen.

Pic 12 rhum muck and eigg from portuairk.jpg

Your guide is the trusty Ordnance Survey.  It’s all good.  You can't get lost.  Once you’re at the lighthouse or one of the coastline settlements, you can only turn back from whence you came, but I can assure you, you'll be in no hurry to do so.  You’re on Ardnamurchan Time after all.  At least wait for that sunset if you’re fortunate with the weather!

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Adding to the magic are the Gaelic names.  Look at them on the map and then find out what they mean.

Camas na Gaell - "The Bay of Pledges"

Doesn’t it seem somehow to bestow a certain romance and allude to a culture and way of life long since past?  As if the place needed any more romance when you stand there in contemplation of its beauty and perhaps even glimpse an eagle honouring you with its grace and presence.