"Experiencing Ardnamurchan” by Kev Burnley.

Part 2 - Immersing Yourself

After you’ve reached the lovely village of Salen, turned onto the B road (yes I know!)  toward the Kilchoan - Tobermory ferry and Ardnamurchan Point, there's another glorious surprise in store beyond the distillery on the Glenmore River, as you rise above the arboreal cloak at the wonderful Camas na Gaell. Here the mouth of Sunart is revealed where it joins the Sound of Mull and the clifftop houses overlooking Tobermory can just be seen - the harbour itself reaming tantalisingly out of sight.

Pic 4 Salen.jpg

The experience takes another glorious twist as you approach the turning for Fascadale and Ockle, (complete with the most unlikely post box) and see to your right Rhum, Eigg and Muck revealed, with Skye beyond.  No flora veiling this majestic vista – it’s framed to perfection by adjacent hills and a solitary white cottage on the slope in the near distance, perfectly placed, as if for maximum drama and effect, while the road beneath it seems to beckon you down its slope towards  the isles,  hinting at further scenic delights should you answer its call.

Pic 13 Rhum from Sanna Bay.jpg

But keeping to what might be called the "main" road to journey on down toward Kilchoan, the Isle of Mull comes surely into view once more, brought into perspective if you catch a glimpse of the Tobermory ferry that appears tiny and insignificant with the mountains behind it.  Only later might you learn of its importance to those that call this part of Lochaber home.

Pic 5 Eilean Mor.jpg

Of course if you’ve been here before, all this comes as no surprise at all.  There’s the joy of knowing what you’re about to experience.  Hit that cattle grid at the head of Sunart, and it all comes flooding back - the sweet apprehension of turning a corner in the certain knowledge of joyous rediscovery.