Although this photo was taken some years ago by Ian Fulton- Strontian has seen many Bird Watchers this last month looking for the illusive Black Duck! And they found it.

"Heading back over the bridge into the village, two ducks flew straight over us from north of the river to land towards the mouth. One looked very dark raising our hopes, so we scurried over the river bank towards that direction. Imagine how pleased we were when the American Black Duck was on the river with it's mate just watching us not at all fussed, almost enjoying the attention as I took a few hand held shots in the fading light"

Check out the Blog by Neil Duggan at http://out4aduck.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/strontian-black-duck-scotland-trip-day-1.html for more photos and his day out in Strontian.


Thanks also to Chris Gibb for his photo below.