Senses of Ardnamurchan

Senses of Ardnamurchan.jpg

With spring well on the way and everything awakening around us we are delighted to share this lovely piece of poetry written by Ronnie Forbes who has been a regular visitor with his family for over 40 years - thank you Ronnie!


Seas frothing waves crash onto resistant rocks

The briny broth exuding its salty odour and bitter zest

Hue graduating from turquoise to navy, a chill shiver to the touch

As swirling seaweed pops in the sun,

Dolphins frolic in the bay feasted on a shoal of silvery mackerel

While whales blow their silent horns cautiously navigating the Headland


The island of Muck bulging from the ocean,

Slope of Eigg slashing the sea,

Mountains of Rhum reaching for the sky

A white-tailed eagle patrols her parish, perusing for prey

Seals loafing on the reefs below blether to the throng

Of oozing algae the feeling moist on their flippers


The beaches fringes of shining white adorn the land

Shells powdered for millennia by the ocean’s pestle

Granules crackling off stone the percussion conducted by the wind

The otters skip across the swirling sand, rollick eagerly over ancient rocks


Sentinels of the sea, the brooding mountains guard the land

Rock and heather emerge from the sand

The roaring wind seasoning the air with earthy peat

A regiment of jittery deer await the command of the stag mighty and Great


Sky of blue shrouded by white turning grey to black, the clouds malinger

Eager to relinquish their cargo of mist and drizzle

The sweet zing of ozone tingles the nostrils and tantalises the tongue

Wings caressed by the wind, the Golden Eagle glides on the breeze surveying his terrain

Gazing to the limit of the glorious vista where the heaven kisses the Seas