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The drake American Black Duck at Loch Sunart (Highland) has been present in the area intermittently since 16th June 2007, primarily spending its time in the bay at Strontian (NM813613).

As David Campbell writes in his article for Bird Guides on Friday 4th April 2014... "Though present in the area on and off for almost seven years, the bird has often proved highly mobile and elusive and, as a result, any previous breeding activity has been difficult to observe. Nevertheless, evidence points towards the bird having already fathered ducklings in the area; when it was seen on 23rd December 2012 it was alongside a drake American Black Duck × Mallard hybrid, which also seemed to be paired with a female Mallard. A female hybrid has also been seen in the area, with a second male hybrid also reported".

Many sightings have occurred recently in February 2017 in Loch Sunart 

Many thanks to Ian Fulton for this photo.

More information and amazing photos  can be found at http://www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=4321